Tt eSports Presents New Azurues Optical Gaming Mouse

Another month, another new gaming mouse. In fact, it's getting hard to keep up with all of the options out there. There are dozens of choices from Razer, Microsoft and Logitech (among others), and now there's one from Tt eSports. This is a Taiwan-based company looking to make a move in a market already saturated, but as always, more competition makes the world a better place for consumers, particularly when it comes to this. The company is actually a division of Thermaltake, who makes a slew of highly respected gaming enclosures for PC builders.

The Azurues is the company's newest mouse, an optical device with a simple concept: to help users beat opponents using inferior equipment. Like rivals, this mouse will also give users the ability to switch between three different DPIs (400, 800 and 1600), and it's designed to be used with first-person shooters in particular. The specially designed Teflon feet on the bottom of the mouse maximize the movement activities, and the rubber coated top helps you maintain your grip.

There are even removable weights on the bottom, which give users the ability to customize that aspect for their preferred movement. There's no price or release date just yet, but hopefully it'll be out prior to Christmas.

Tt eSPORTS, the world's leading professional gaming gear division by Thermaltake, is proud to announce AZURUES, the newest optical gaming mouse. Its concept is simple and its focus is to help players beat out their opponents.

The Azurues is a sure hit. It has the option of switching between three different DPIs, 1600/800/400 providing superb gaming movement. It is the most ideal weapon for First-person shooting games. The specially designed Teflon feet on the bottom of the mouse maximize the movement activities. It is rubber coated to allow for easier hand grip control. The removable weights underneath the mouse add that extra touch that lets users customize the weight of their own mouse. All in all, the Azurues is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a no frills mouse that's aimed to make any gamer come out on top.