Tsunami Case, Xtrac Mouse Grips, Plextor DVDR and More

Good morning friends :)  Awaking to a cold and frosty morning, it unfortunately looks as if winter is fast approaching.  I know us Canadians are supposed to enjoy the cold and snow.  But, all I can say is that I am glad I installed a remote car starter a few weeks back; nothing like pre-heated seats in the early AM ;)

 Tsunami Ultra Quiet Custom Case @ PimpRig

"The mnpctech Tsunami that Bill sent had some killer airbrush work on it that is called "Silent and Deadly". I get it completely; a Tsunami is a giant wave (as in the style of case), this is the Ultra Quiet so it's silent, and the Killer Whale is a deadly predator in the water. The artwork is drop-dead beautiful."

 Xtrac Mouse Grips @ HardwareHounds.com

"There are aftermarket parts for everything these days, but how often do you think about giving your mouse a bit of style and added functionality? This is where the Mouse Grips come in. These pieces of neoprene can be peeled off and stuck to your mouse for added traction and sweat absorption."

 Plextor PX-712UF External DVD Writer Review @ CoolTechZone

"We have analyzed several Plextor CD/RW/DVD/RW drives here at CoolTechZone recently. One thing that remains constant is quality. The smoothness of operation and attention to detail places these drives on top of the heap. One may wonder why these optical drives are among the most expensive on the market today. There are several factors, the major one being the previously mentioned high quality of build. They have added a nice software bundle that includes PlexTools, which can be considered a GUI, based BIOS for Plextor drives. PlexTools has various integrated features that can tune the drive for quiet operation or for highest possible performance. Most of the selections in the software package are full version of high-quality applications that other manufacturers do not include. The drive quality and software package lead to higher retail prices, but we feel that the premium is justified considering the product."

 Logitech LX-501 Cordless Desktop Review @ ClubOC

"Computer technology is constantly moving foreword such as video cards and CPUs.  Input devices are commonly overlooked when you are talking about innovation and leaps and bounds in technology.  One company that pioneers this field is Logitech, they are constantly redefining the way products are made and work...."

 Sapphire Radeon X800XT PCI Express Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"From stock core and memory clock speeds of 500MHz, I was able to overclock the Sapphire Radeon X800XT PCIe's core 46MHz and memory 55MHz, yielding a final clock speed of 546MHz/555MHz (core/memory). It's important to note that the core speed is actually faster than the stock core speed of the Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition, and just 5MHz slower than it's memory clock speed (Core: 520MHz / Memory: 560MHz). I was impressed that we were able to get at and maintain these speeds throughout our testing, with no artifacting or problems at overclocked frequencies after more than a week of playing games at them."

That is all for this round.  Don't stray to far though, I am sure more will be on it's way shortly :) - Cheers

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