Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Murder Suspect, Fugitive, Eccentric Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee To Run For President

John McAfee is adding a new bullet point to his resume: U.S. presidential candidate. Yes, this is the same McAfee who developed the first commercial antivirus software for computers, which was later sold to Intel, and it's same McAfee who fled his residence in Belize after his neighbor turned up dead.

This is not a joke or a hoax. McAfee filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president, paperwork that The Hill said it "confirmed" as being authentic with Kyle Sander, one of McAfee's campaign directors. According to Sander, McAfee will create a "new party yet to be announced."

McAfee grew to prominence and wealth in the 1980s when he peddled antivirus software to millions of PCs. Up through at least the early 2000s, you could hardly buy a pre-built computer without McAfee Antivirus coming pre-installed on it.

John McAfee

In more recent years, McAfee has made headlines for his eccentric behavior and the situation that caused him to flee Belize. McAfee offered his version of events in an interview with NBC Universal, claiming he had a "solid conviction that the Belizean government" viewed him as a potential threat and wanted him killed.

After what he described as "the mysterious murder" of his neighbor, Belizean police sought to question McAfee, though he thought their motives were sinister so he fled the region. He would end up detained in Guatemala, and it was there he supposedly faked two heart attacks to buy his lawyers time to file appeals and pressure the U.S. to pick him up. It worked.

His blog talks of doing bath salts and talking with his toilet bowl, which told him to "rescind all laws against drunk driving" and to "equip all cars with flashing pink roof lights" that would activate via an alcohol breath detector in the steering wheel. It's just one of many fascinating and bizarre entries.

You can find McAfee's campaign website here.