TripIt Comes To iPad, Brings New Master Map

It should come as no surprise, but travelers are traveling with tablets more and more. While smartphones still dominate, the casual and business traveler is way more likely these days to carry around a tablet than just two years ago. TripIt, a well-regarded mobile app for managing upcoming schedules on various smartphones, has just broke into the tablet realm in a big way. They've beat out Facebook with an iPad app, based on data that shows 70% of TripIt users own or play to own an iPad. This particular piece of software offers enhanced maps and brings together all of your travel reservations in one place.

With the swipe of a finger, road warriors can enhance their travel experience by accessing a new mapping feature along with GPS-enabled driving directions, airport information, and even seat assignments, all designed to make traveling easier. Basically, it's the TripIt you know and love, but with more screen real estate to show you more of what's coming. In contrast to what a mobile user might expect on-the-run, the app was designed to translate ample pixels into interactive features for the tablet-toting traveler at rest - whether it's in a hotel room, or board room.

Exclusive to the iPad app, a master map captures the entire trip and individual maps are provided on each page of the itinerary. Over time, the app will be updated to incorporate additional features that travelers have come to know and love in the TripIt for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, at, and on the web. It's available now in the App Store if you're looking to try it out.