Trident's Rugged Triton SSDs Can Take Abuse

Generally speaking, all solid state drives are pretty rugged. Or, at least they're designed to withstand more severe shock and vibration than rivaling hard disk drives. But even in the SSD space, there's a need for drives that can operate under extreme conditions, and that's exactly where Trident Space & Defense comes in.

Said outfit will be showcasing its newest Triton Series of ruggedized Solid State Drives at the Armed Forced Communications Electronics Association West 2009 later this week. What attendees will likely see is the Triton FSE (Fast/Secure Erase), which has been purpose built for ultra rugged military and defense applications where data integrity and security is an utmost concern. Furthermore, the device has the ability to "quickly clear and purge data / sanitize information with agency defined algorithms allowing for complete media de-classification." Like we said, not too many consumers will have a need for these ultra-secure features, but those looking to become an undercover private detective may be quite intrigued.

The Triton family incorporates industrial grade SLC NAND Flash in a ruggedized, machined aluminum alloy enclosure, and they are all offered in standard 2.5 inch PATA or SATA form factors. Due to that, they can be used as direct drop-in replacements for conventional rotating hard disks that often fail in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust, and moisture. Of course, what good is an extreme SSD without equally amazing performance? Not much, we'd say, so Trident's shipping these with capacities as high as 128GB and transfer performance of up to 100MB/sec. Pricing remains a mystery for now, but rest assured all this rigidity won't come without a premium.