Trick: Big Telcos To "Pwn" Small DSL Providers

While we were initially hoping that this bit of bad new was somebody's twisted idea of a Halloween trick, it actually appears to be authentic: The 3rd Circuit Appellate Court recently upheld a decision that would grant more authority over physical facilities and data transmission lines to the larger telephone companies, thus potentially causing serious problems to DSL resellers such as Earthlink and Speakeasy.

Previously, DSL internet service – and cable modem service before it – was classified as a functionally integrated component of enhanced “telecommunications service,” making it subject to regulations that attempted to ensure fair and open competition. Some of these rules require that the main telecom provider – owner of the physical lines and equipment, or “common carrier transmission facilities” – grant “unaffiliated ISPs” access to the telcos’ facilities for the purposes of reselling their “enhancements.”

While we're not expecting the major telcos to shut these outfits down overnight, it would seem probable that they might require 'usage fees' and other payments that would result in higher costs than going through your local telco.  When the only broadband provider in town is your local telco and companies that buy at inflated rates from your local telco, it seems like we're looking at a bat situation in the making.
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