Trend Micro: Game Consoles Need Anti-virus Too!

As consoles once again start looking a lot more like PCs in terms of functionality and capabilities, they are going to need anti-virus protection.  At least, that's what Tokyo-based Trend Micro wants PS3 owners to think just about 5 seconds before said PS3 owners buy their new anti-virus software for the PS3.

“The company bills the software as the first of its kind for a home gaming system. It was released earlier this month as part of a PS3 upgrade and will be free until April.

Some industry experts wonder whether consumers will leap for the technology the way they snap up security products for the more vulnerable PC and whether protection for video game consoles is really necessary.”

We're certainly interested in seeing how many viruses crop up for the PS3, and what types of viruses they are.  It seems unlikely that it will become a major target for virus developers because of the comparatively small installed base (compared to PCs) and the fact that many use the console for gaming and not internet banking, etc.