Trading Up to the iPhone 5S? Walmart Will Pay $300 for Your iPhone 5

Apple's yearly release cycle makes it expensive to always have the latest and greatest iOS smartphone available when you're trying to juggle a two-year service agreement, but you're not totally out of luck. If you're tempted to upgrade to the iPhone 5S because of its 64-bit A7 processor but are stuck with an iPhone 5, you can go the usual routes -- eBay and/or Craigslist -- or trade it in at Walmart.

Wally World's trade-in program offers an immediate credit from $50 to $300 for more than 100 smartphones, with the iPhone 5 eligible for the $300 credit. The Samsung Galaxy SIII fetches $175, while the Galaxy S2 is worth $52, to name a few examples. These prices are for working, non-damaged phones.

Walmart iPhone 5 Trade-In

"Smartphones have become a part of our customers' everyday lives and as new devices launch more frequently, trade-in programs are becoming more popular," said Steve Bratspies, executive vice president of general merchandise for Walmart U.S. "More and more, customers are choosing where they purchase new smartphones based on where they'll get the best value for their trade-ins. Our goal is to give them more value for their old devices and the lowest price for their new one – all part of our promise to be the best destination for wireless."

To take advantage of the program, just bring your phone into a participating Walmart or Sam's Club location to have it assessed. Once accepted, the value will be applied to the purchase of a new smartphone on a two-year contract.

Apple yesterday unveiled its new iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is its new flagship device with a 64-bit A7 processor, improved cameras, and fingerprint reader embedded into the Home button, while the iPhone 5C is basically a retooled iPhone 5 made from colorful polycarbonate plastic.