T-Pain Auto-Tune App Demonstrates Why The iPhone Rocks

By and large, we don't cover individual iPhone applications here at HotHardware. But this...this is something else. This has a life of its own, and it's easily the most hilarious iPhone app we've seen released to date. We know it's incredibly silly, but it's things like this that really give the iPhone an edge. Since when did your phone make you laugh and encourage you to socially interact with your friends in person? Since T-Pain published an iPhone app, that's when.

The artist/producer made famous for injecting Auto-Tune into pretty much every track he touches isn't scared to poke fun at his own antics, as evidenced by the Auto-Tune iPhone app which is titled "I Am T-Pain." Put simply, this $2.99 piece of software enables you to sing into your iPhone and hear your own voice modified with Auto-Tune, which distorts your vocals in order to hit the "correct" pitch within a song. Naturally, the result is pretty comical, but the actual app is pretty in-depth.

It comes loaded with an instrumental assortment of T-Pain's hits, and there's also a freestyle mode if you feel like letting out a few lines of your own. We hate to think how long this one would remain at #1 if it were free, but we suspect it'll do alright even at just under $3. As we stated earlier, this quirky, wild and culturally relevant apps are what really makes the iPhone stand out. Do you really think this will ever be ported to Android or webOS? It's doubtful, and with Apple's dominance in the market place growing with each and every app like this, we have to wonder if the other guys even stand a chance at catching up. Good luck, we say.