Toys R Us Gets Into Digital Content Business With New Online Movie Service

These days, retail companies are moving in all sorts of interesting new directions in a bid to remain interesting. Just look at Toys R Us, which is not only offering a tablet this holiday season, but will also be launching a new family-friendly digital entertainment service. The program is called Toys R Us Movies, which will be accessible at All told, it will feature over 4,000 titles, specially selected to supply hours of entertainment and fun for parents and children. In addition, the service is equipped with customizable parental controls to help moms and dads choose the most appropriate content for their family's viewing. The backend is provided by Rovi, which knows a thing or two about digital content distribution.

Users looking to stream or download will find something to love here, and it'll event feature new movie releases the same day they hit retail store shelves and television shows the day after they air, with no subscription required. Toys R Us Movies also offers select new releases before they go on sale, such as DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, which has been made available for digital download nearly two weeks before the DVD is available in stores. Once customers select movies or television shows from Toys R Us Movies, they can be downloaded and stored in their personal Toys R Us Movies library for future viewing. For offline viewing, a download player is offered for PC users at this time.

Starting this week, suers can stream content from the site on PCs, Macs and Flash-enabled products, and the company will be expanding it to additional web-enabled devices in the coming months, including Blu-ray players, televisions, tablets and more. High-definition content will also be made available in the near future. As for mobile? iOS and Android apps are coming this fall.