Toyota Leaks 2020 Supra In Splashy Video Showing Ample Curves From All Angles

toyota supra 2
Here it is: the 2020 Toyota Supra. In the second slip in as many weeks, Toyota -- or a contractor working for Toyota -- has leaked the upcoming rear wheel drive spots car. The time around Toyota Mexico posted an introductory video of the 2020 Supra to Twitter before realizing its mistake and deleting the tweet.

Unfortunately for Toyota, excitement surrounding the new Supra has been so amped that enthusiasts quickly saved the video and uploaded it to YouTube (you can see it embedded below). Needless to say, there aren't in real surprises here thanks to the previous leak that showed the vehicle from the front 3/4 and rear 3/4 views.

However, we do get some great head-on shots, a nice looks at the profile, and good look at the big 'ol booty that is set off with some funky LED taillights. The LED headlights and accent tubing/lighting is particularly eye-catching as is the double bubble roof. 

The design largely lines up with the FT-1 concept that was first unveiled earlier in the decade, but the design has been "condensed" into a vehicle with a much shorter wheelbase. The concept FT-1 had a wheelbase of 107.9 inches, while the production vehicle has a wheelbase of 97.2 inches. As a result, the design themes that looks lean, mean and very proportional on the FT-1 looks a bit squished and ill-proportioned on the new Supra. It's definitely going to be love/hate design for many enthusiasts.

toyota supra 1

When it comes to the car's interior, that wasn't shown in the video but we have seen spy photos that show its final production form. As for the powertrain and platform; there are no surprises there. By all accounts, the MKV Supra is largely a 2019 BMW Z4 M40i wrapped in a Toyota-designed body. That means that you'll find a sweet turbocharged 3.0-liter BMW-sourced inline-6 engine and an automatic transmission for the U.S. market. There has been talk of a manual being offered at some point, but the first models that will roll off the assembly line will unfortunately be automatic only.

toyota supra 3

As for power, the engine is expected to generate anywhere between 330 horsepower to 400 horsepower depending on trim level. However, given his age of 400+ horsepower Mustangs and Camaros around the $35,000 price point and the Supra's rumored $60,000+ price tag, it shall be interesting to see how enthusiasts react to the vehicle.

We'll hear more about the 2020 Toyota Supra when it is announced at the Detroit Auto Show next week.