Toy R Us Offers 20 Percent Discount on Games This Weekend, GTA V Hold-Outs Get Busy

Remember how excited you would get as a kid when you ended up at Toys R Us? When you're young, it's a paradise of play things filled with an assortment of toys at every corner. As you grow older, the excitement wanes, though there's still a reason why you might want to visit your local Toys R Us store. There are two printable coupons available, one for 20 percent off regular-priced, sale, and clearance items, and another for 25 percent off the same items when you use your Toys R Us credit card.

The answer to your question is "Yes," this includes video games. If you've held out on purchasing Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, now is is the time to pounce. Using the above mentioned coupons, you can reduce the price from $60 to $48, or $45 if own a store credit card.

Toys R Us

Not a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise? There are other games you can use the coupons on as well, such as Madden NFL 25, Diablo III, Saints Row IV, and so forth. The one caveat is that the item has to be in-stock, so you can't get a discount on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 pre-order, for example.

If you'd rather shop online, you can still take advantage of the promotion. Just use coupon code(s) FRIENDS20 and FRIENDS25.