Toshiba's New Fab5 Memories Plant Opens Up In Japan

Memory: can we really ever have enough of it? It's doubtful, and that's why innovative approaches to ReRAM and NAND are making the rounds this week. Toshiba has just announced that they have completed the construction of their Fab5, a new manufacturing wing for NAND flash memories. The plant is located at their Yokkaichi facility in Japan, and operations are functional as of now. The company considers this place their most advanced NAND plant yet, where they'll also product 3D NAND memories defined as "post-NAND flash memory."

The company's planning to make extra investments depending on market trends, and a "second-term" clean room should get going in 2012/2014. Hard to say what kind of immediate impact this will have on your gadgets, but rest assured: more memories, and smaller memories, are a good thing.