Toshiba's Fuel Cell Phone Charger Uses Liquid As Power

Standard batteries? That's old hat? The Touchstone charger? Even that's so yesterday. Solar powered? Been there, done that. Toshiba's looking to one-up everyone else in the cellphone energy game by introducing a Direct Methanol Fuel Source (DMFS) for mobile devices. You heard that right--it's a fuel cell, for your cellphone. No, it's not the future, it's right now.

The product, which is being called the Dynario, is a clip-on charging solution that attaches to the back of a phone in place of the standard battery. It promises to bring "almost instant refueling" and it keeps your mobile charged even when an AC outlet is nowhere in sight. The device requires a mix of methanol and ambient oxygen, and the chemical reaction between the two in the fuel cell produces electricity.

Users simply open the cap, squirt in some of the liquid and re-cap it. Just like that, the fuel cell begins to power the phone. No extra button pressing is needed on the user's end. It takes around 20 seconds to fill the cell container completely, though there's no word on just how long it'll keep the phone ringing. At least at first, it will only be released as a limited edition unit in Japan, with 3000 being produced in the near future for an undisclosed price.