Toshiba Stainless Style HDTV: Sheathed In Steel

At this point, you've got to do something pretty special for your HDTV to stand out. After all, an HDTV is an HDTV, right? With nearly every set these days--from the cheapest to the most expensive--boasting a 1080p panel a frame that's at least marginally thin, the over-crowded market is becoming tougher and tougher to penetrate. Toshiba's newest panel, however, is quite the looker, and we'd say it does a stellar job of separating itself from the pack.

Designed with kitchens and modern appliances in mind, the company's 19LV612U--which is the first set in the Stainless Style TV Series--is doused in a stunning stainless steel coating. The outfit makes it fit right into the modern-industrial look that has captured the imagination of so many homeowners, and the 18.5" panel is the perfect size for the average (if not larger-than-average) kitchen. The display features a 1366x768 native resolution (720p), a built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness, a slew of inputs (HDMI, VGA, composite, component, etc.), a headphone jack, a digital audio output and even a VESA mount to hoist it up onto your cabinet if you so choose.

Finally, there's a slot-loading DVD player there on the side to keep your kids entertained while you're preparing the night's meal. Sadly, you'll have to wait until September to bring it to your own countertop, so start saving the $349 now.