Toshiba Ships 43nm SSD Drives To OEM Customers

Growing tired of solid state news yet? Nah, impossible, right? As the HDD looks increasingly aged, SSDs are stepping in at an alarming rate to replace 'em. Though, all the power saving, speed and durability in the world won't matter if prices don't stoop down to reasonable levels, and that'll only occur with more competition in the sector.

Today, Toshiba America Electronic Components (TEAC) has announced that its latest generation solid state drives, based on 43nm MLC NAND-flash, are now shipping to manufacturers of more than five leading mobile PC brands. For now, the drives are only being made available to OEMs, so you'll need to buy yourself a new machine in order to acquire one. As for sizes? Toshiba will ship the units in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, with drive sizes including 1.8" and 2.5" form factors. Naturally, both are designed for use in notebooks and portable media players, though Toshiba isn't saying exactly who is buying or where they'll be headed.

Toshiba assures us that the units can hit a maximum sequential read speed of 230MB per second and a maximum sequential write speed of 180MBps per second, with AES data encryption is an option to keep information protected. Unfortunately, exact pricing details aren't mentioned, but that's to be expected given the OEM-only approach.