Toshiba Laptop Ready Slim Form Factor HD-DVD-RW

Toshiba is offering what they tout as the world's first slim form factor HD DVD-RW ( rewriteable) drive suitable for laptop PCs. It will read and write both single and dual layer HD DVD disks, as well as DVDs  and CDs.  It might help the HD DVD format a little in its battle with Blu-Ray to become the standard format for large media files.
...the single- and double-layer HD DVD discs are already available in capacities of 15GB and 30GB respectively, while triple- layer HD DVD Rom discs, to offer up to 51GB, are presently under development, and will be available later this year.

The "SD-L912A" also allows backup of large-capacity PC hard disk drives to the reusable format of HD DVD RW discs, providing capabilities to store data-rich, HD digital content.

Scott Maccabe, Vice President and General Manager, Toshiba Storage Device Division, said, "HD broadcasting, and increasing consumer interest in HD televisions and camcorders are spurring demand for a HD experience across the entire PC and consumer electronics ecosystem."
I remember way back when we wore onions on our belt, 30 gigabytes would have been considered a darn fine hard drive. Now it's the equivalent of a floppy disk. 
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