Toshiba Issues Third Sony Battery Recall

It's amazing that there are still Sony batteries in the world left that have not been recalled.  Or at least, it seems that way.  Today Toshiba annunced its second recall of Sony batteries in a month.
This time around, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says 1,400 of the lithium-ion batteries containing Sony-made cells sold with Toshiba laptops pose a fire hazard. There have been three reports of models with those batteries overheating in other countries, but none of the incidents caused injury, according to the CPSC.
The good news, if there can be any, is that the numbers keep going down.  The second recall was 10,000 batteries, this time only 1,400.  The model numbers for the batteries in the latest recall are PSAA0U, PSAA2U, PSAA8U, PSAA9U, PTA70U, and PTA71U.