Toshiba Introduces 14" USB-Powered Mobile LCD Monitor

The onslaught of mobile monitors has calmed somewhat of late, but there's still a very real market for them and still lots of demand. While Mimo made a name for themselves by creating a stockpile of 7" and 10" USB monitors for those needing just a little more screen real estate on their laptops, Toshiba has just introduced one that's even larger. Literally. It's a 14" USB-powered mobile LCD monitor, and it ships with a nice, foldable case that makes it easy to travel with. It relies on DisplayLink's USB technology, and it weighs just 2.8lbs.

There's a widescreen panel with a 1366x768 screen resolution, and being under an inch thick, it's all set to slip into most laptop cases and carry-on bags. It can be setup with Windows-based machines easily for use in mirrored or extended modes, and it ships with a protective black vinyl carrying case, which quickly folds into an adjustable stand that can be set to various viewing levels and also deftly houses the monitor’s USB cable.

It's available now for $199.99, which is actually quite inexpensive for a display of this size (and one that doesn't require a dedicated AC outlet). If you've been looking for a way to add more screen space to your cramped netbook whenever you have the ability to travel with a bit more gear, this looks like it may fit the bill perfectly.
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