Toshiba DynaPad Is A Windows 10-Powered Tablet Alternative To Surface 3

As with most tech markets, mobile is one rife with competition. Thanks to that, it's an enormous challenge for companies to release new products that manage to "wow" us. But, at its launch event last week, Microsoft did manage to pull it off not once, but a few times. One such example was with its updated Surface Pro 4 tablet.

It could be argued that Microsoft revitalized the tablet PC. Since the release of the original Surface, we've seen other vendors release their own takes to varying degrees of success. Even Apple recently announced a new iPad that mimics the overall design and goals. To say that Microsoft is very proud of its Surface Pro would be an understatement.

Toshiba dynaPad

It's interesting, then, to see that Toshiba's new dynaPad, which could be considered a Surface clone, is getting some hefty praise from none other than Microsoft itself. "The dynaPad is a great digital notebook, specially designed to encourage your creativity, and also enhance productivity", writes the company over at its Windows Blog. You could replace "dynaPad" with "Surface" and the sentence would still fit.

The dynaPad caters greatly to art makers and note takers. It uses a metal mesh sensor and a Wacom TruPen that offers 2,048 levels of sensitivity. Microsoft says that this would perfectly complement the WebNote feature in Edge. Again, that sounds familiar to what we heard from Microsoft about its latest Surface.

Also like the Surface Pro 4, Toshiba's dynaPad is a 12-inch class device. It sports a 1080p resolution, and has a dual layer coating that reduces reflections and fingerprints. It's also incredibly thin, and has sharp looks, to boot.

If there's an immediate downside, it's that you will have to wait until the start of the year to pick one up.