Toshiba Completes Acquistion Of OCZ Technology Group, Launching OCZ Storage Solutions Subsidiary

Right on schedule, OCZ Technology is receiving an injection straight to the heart via Toshiba. After falling into bankruptcy last year and nearly instantly being rescued by Toshiba, the latter has announced today that it has "finalized the purchase of substantially all assets of OCZ Technology Group, making it a wholly owned subsidiary and Toshiba Group Company." Effective immediately, the Group company will operate independently as OCZ Storage Solutions, which means that we'll yet again see OCZ storage products making the rounds and breaking benchmark records.

Here's perhaps the greatest news of all, straight from Toshiba: "The acquisition provides Toshiba with OCZ’s enterprise and client SSD businesses and enables the established OCZ brand to continue in full force with a current product portfolio that includes SATA and PCIe consumer drives for high-performance and mainstream applications, and SATA, SAS and PCIe enterprise drives supported by virtualization, cache and acceleration software. OCZ Storage Solutions will leverage Toshiba’s cutting-edge NAND and combine it with the Company’s proprietary controllers, firmware and software to provide both client and enterprise customers with innovative and cost-effective solid-state storage solutions."

Despite the rough road, this move is actually likely to be a boon for Toshiba. The company's storage division has struggled to gain mass recognition in a market crowded with options, despite being a major supplier of NAND Flash. However, attaching itself to a brand name like OCZ will undoubtedly garner attention, in addition to providing a key influx of Flash controller IP and serial switching technology. Needless to say, we're hoping for the best when it comes to both of teams joining efforts in the year ahead.