Toshiba Announces 64GB Flash Memory Module For Portable Electronics

Toshiba launched a new 64GB flash memory module that is designed for use in portable devices. The company claims the new module is the highest-capacity flash module in the industry. The new 64GB NAND flash module is 30 micrometers thin and has a dedicated controller and sixteen 32Gbit chips. It is manufactured using Toshiba's 32-nanometer process technology.

Toshiba currently supplies the flash memory for Apple's iPhone 3GS, so this announcement has led many to speculate that future generations of the iPhone will use the higher capacity 64GB module. The new modules are set to arrive early next year. Recent rumors have suggested that the fourth-generation iPhone will arrive sometime next summer, though neither Apple nor Toshiba will confirm this.

The internal structure of Toshiba's 64GB module

If the 64GB module is used in an iPhone-like device, it would provide enough storage capacity for 1,000 hours of music, 8 hours of HD video, and 19 hours of SD video. Toshiba plans to ship samples of the 64GB memory module later this month with mass production beginning in the first quarter of 2010.