Toshiba And SanDisk Get Served...Subpoenas

A U.S. Grand Jury has issued subpoenas to Toshiba and their U.S. partner, San Disk, in regards to claims of price-fixing.  While these two are both very well known brands here in the U.S., they are only part of the investigation which covers more than 20 companies:

“The filing said 23 other companies were also sued for the same reason.

NAND flash memory is used in digital cameras and music players such as Apple Inc's iPod.”

It does seem a bit far-fetched that a group of 23 businessmen from different corporations would be able to collude long enough to fix prices without shareholders or financial analysts catching on.  Add to that the various bitter rivalries in some corners of the tech industry and it would seem even less likely.

Still, stranger things have happened.
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