Toshiba Adds Wi-Fi & Widgets To New Photo Frames

Digital photo frames have been gaining traction in the market for years now, and with prices on them continually spiraling downward, more and more of 'em are being used as gifts and whatnot to decorate the modern home. Rather than just joining the herd, Toshiba has decided to spice its latest digital media frames up a bit with Wi-Fi and widgets. What more could you ask, right?

The company's new trifect, which are features in House Beautiful Magazine's Kitchen of the Year, take the digital photo frame to the next logical level. By having Wi-Fi built in, these can remain connected to the 'net so long as you have a wireless router in your home. By doing so, it can utilize FrameChannel's web portal in order to showcase weather, traffic, sports scores, RSS feeds and more, right on the frame. It's like a secondary display, but it's able to be placed wherever you please. It also means that your Facebook photos can stream directly to the frame, keeping your local storage free and your photo galleries varied and fresh.

The high-gloss borders are sure to go over well with the glossy-obsessed public, and the built-in tilt sensor automatically rotates the picture whenever the frame is flipped. Toshiba's Digital Media Frames come in two sizes: 8" frames available in black (DMF82XKU) or white (DMF82XWU) with an acrylic front finish and reflective trim and black 10" frames (DMF102XKU) offering a funky-fresh faceplate design and a slim profile.

Pricing and Availability:
  • White 8-inch Frame, DMF82XWU (available August 2009, MSRP $179.99)
  • Black 8-inch Frame, DMF82XKU (available August 2009, MSRP $179.99)
  • Black 10-inch Frame, DMF102XKU (available August 2009, MSRP $229.99)