Top Ten ... Aww look! A Baby

Look, eventually you're going to meet that special Princess Leia --or Han Solo --and procreate. Maybe you already have. Well,  I can assure you you're going to want pictures of the little critters. And dragging everybody over to the CPU to see the pictures you do take and e-mailing them to the everybody in your rolodex is only half the job. You're going to want some on your coffee table, in a great big book.

Ulrich Boser of did all the leg work for you:

Then I came across the self-published photo album. Almost every photo-sharing Web site, like and Shutterfly, offers the service, allowing you to publish your digital photos in a hardcover photo book. The cost ranges from $20 to over $100, depending on the size of the album and the options that you choose, and the albums are delivered within days.But are the books worthy of my beautiful baby? To find out, I ordered a 20-page book of snapshots from six prominent photo-sharing sites. Although some offer albums of various sizes, I chose a standard size - about seven inches by five inches - for each book and evaluated the products...

He's got ten websites offering to make bound photo albums of your little sweetums or cupcake or hellion, and  rates them all for Print Quality, Cover Quality, Ease of Site Use, and Service. The results might surprise you; just like that trip to Vegas did -- the one that put you in the market for baby pictures in the first place.

Read the whole thing here; and don't forget to take the shoes off the little tyke before you bronze them. Bronze the shoes, I mean.