TomTom Unveils XXL Range With Five Inch Widescreen

TomTom is on a roll lately. Less than two weeks after announcing its new flagship series, the TomTom GO x50, the company is announcing two new models—the TomTom XXL 530S and TomTom XXL 540S—with extra-large, five inch screens.

Both PNDs feature TomTom's IQ Routes Technology to help you drive the smartest and most efficient routes wherever you go. This technology uses historical speed measurements for every time of day and for every road segment to help the device determine the best route. TomTom claims that in up to 35% of all cases, IQ Routes provides users with a faster route, saving travel time, money, and fuel.

“The new TomTom XXL devices enrich our product portfolio by providing our customers with new offerings that cater to individual preference and need, like the larger, easy-to-read screen” said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom Inc. “The introduction of the XXL range is in line with our strategy to increase the depth and breadth of our product offerings, based on customer feedback.” 

Other key features of the new TomTom XXL devices include:

  • Full maps of the US and Canada
  • TomTom Map Share technology, so users can instantly modify street names, street direction, points of interest and more on their device and benefit from corrections made by others
  • TomTom Help Me menu, so users can easily access local emergency service providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals.
  • TomTom’s newest user menu with an elegant interface that features optimized icons for even easier navigation
  • Award-winning Fold and Go EasyPort mount, folds flat against the device, making it easy for users to transport
  • TomTom HOME, the free desktop application to keep users’ devices up-to-date at all times

As the higher-end model, the TomTom XXL 540S also features:

  • Advanced Lane Guidance for realistic representations of complex highway junctions and lane-specific visual directions that take the stress out of navigating these otherwise challenging areas
  • Preloaded maps of Mexico, the US and Canada
  • Seven million points of interest, so users have access to information and location details of more restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. than ever before
  • High-quality black finish, for a sleek look

The new TomTom XXL devices will be available in the United States and Canada in October. The TomTom XXL 530S will run $279.95 while the TomTom XXL 540S will cost $299.95.