TomTom Takes The Double-DIN Approach With Go I-90

TomTom's dedicated GPS business has thrived for years, but things are changing. Navigation applications are now moving to smaller devices, and oftentimes to devices that aren't made by the same company as the one making the software. Even TomTom has a navigation app for the iPhone, along with loads of other rival firms. And you can bet that a navigation company makes less with every cellphone app sale than with a standalone device.

So, what's a GPS company to do in times like these? Something different, that's what. TomTom has just introduced the TomTom Go I-90, a double-DIN navigation device that's tailor made for vehicles with a double-DIN opening and no GPS unit. We'd say the I-90 is meant for those who prefer the "factory install" look but didn't opt for an integrated GPS when buying their vehicle. Hailed as an "infotainment solution," the device also acts as a radio (though the lack of a CD player is a bummer) and integrated with factory car speakers. As with any other TomTom navigator, this one also supports hands-free calling, but one of the unique features is the GPS unit's ability to be removed from the double-DIN unit itself. In other words, it looks like a factory GPS when you're driving, and when you need to get out, it follows along.

As of now, it's available in Europe only, but we wouldn't be surprised to see it ship across the pond if it's successful. And while ?599 may sound like a lot, that's just a fraction of what automakers charge for integrated navigation units.

  • Pre-installed map of Western Europe***.
  • TomTom Map Share™ technology – so drivers get daily map changes from the TomTom community.
  • TomTom Safety Alerts, including safety cameras.
  • Enhanced Positioning Technology – for uninterrupted navigation, even in tunnels.
  • Improved hands-free calling – so drivers can make and answer phone calls safely while driving.
  • Help-Me! emergency menu - local information to get help quickly.
  • Optional iPod support - optimal support for iPod playback and iPod charging.
  • Extensive phone compatibility.
  • Optimised TMC reception through the car’s antenna.
  • Latest map guarantee.
  • TomTom HOME desktop software for everything a driver needs to keep the device up to date.
  • Address speech recognition and text-to-speech.
  • USB connection for MP3/I-pod.

Radio features

  • Amplifier (4 x 40 WATT).
  • FM reception.
  • RDS support for PS, AF, TA.
  • AM reception (LW and MW).
  • Built in TMC receiver.
  • Ready for steering wheel control (3rd party accessory).
  • Connectors to car and outside world (GPS, USB, iPod).
  • 2 DIN box.
  • No CD drive.

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