TomTom Offers New Map Subscription Service

TomTom recently unveiled its new Map Update Service which will provide customers with easy access to a full year’s worth of quarterly map updates for a one-time fee. This new service will cost as little as $39.80 per year or $9.95 per map release.

To receive the map updates, users will need to connect their TomTom GPS unit to their computer and use the TomTom HOME software to download and install the updates. New maps are made available every quarter. Each update includes all changes in the road network that have been verified by Tele Atlas. Map Update Service subscribers will be alerted of updates as soon as they are available.

The new Map Update Service is one of many offerings from TomTom that strives to provide users with up-to-date maps. TomTom’s Map Share and 30 Day Latest Map Guarantee also provide users with updated maps. TomTom’s Map Share enables users to make updates and corrections to their own device and to benefit from changes made by other users (though these changes aren’t verified for accuracy.) Map Share is free; all content comes from the TomTom user community. TomTom’s 30 Day Latest Map Guarantee provides users with a one-time free map download via TomTom HOME if a new map becomes available within 30 days of the first use of the GPS device.

According to TomTom a new map release such as those available through the new Map Update Service includes thousands of miles of new roads and Points of Interest as well as unique Map Share corrections that have been reported by TomTom customers and verified by Tele Atlas. The Map Update Service provides users with a full year of quarterly map updates for a one-time fee.

The new Map Update Service is available to all TomTom customers. Subscription prices are for US and Canada maps. Prices will vary depending on the TomTom device model.

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