TomTom Offers Low-Cost XL 350 and XXL 550 Navigation Units

Garmin's newest navigation machines were completely unlike any before them, looking more like a smartphone and less like a traditional in-car PND. TomTom's latest don't really leap that far forward in design, but they do offer a few new features that are rather attractive for avid road warriors. The new XL 350 and XXL 550 range of navigation devices incorporate a refreshed user interface, with two of the main new features being lifetime traffic updates and low-cost map updates.

All TomTom products in the XL 350 and XXL 550 range include TomTom’s new EasyMenu user interface, which offers sharp graphics and a simple touchscreen menu that provides quick access to search tools so that users can get started towards their destination even faster. IQ Routes are also included, which offers the most efficient routing option depending on traffic flows during the certain part of the day.

The XL 350 has a 4.3" display, while the XL 550 has a 5" display. The prices here are also right in line for bargain hunts: the X50 products will be available in late May and prices will begin at $169 for the 4.3”, and $199 for the 5.0”, and lifetime maps/traffic are available for $30 more per unit.

Select devices across the new range of XL 350 and XXL 550 devices include Lifetime Maps and/or Lifetime Traffic Updates:

  • Lifetime Map Updates feature allows users to keep their maps fresh by downloading, every few months, the industry's most accurate and up-to-date maps.
  • The maps include one million more miles than competing maps and, in certified tests, rate highest in terms of quality and reliability. Because an average of 18% of road information changes each year, maps are continually refreshed to include improvements across the entire road network and updates to points of interest (POIs). With Lifetime Map Updates, consumers always have access to the best maps available.
  • Lifetime Map Updates are available on XL 350M, XL 350TM, XXL 550M and XXL 550TM devices.
  • Lifetime Traffic Updates feature offers real-time insight into current traffic conditions to help drivers avoid delays.
  • The TomTom device receives the latest, constantly-updated traffic information; recalculates total drive time; and suggests more efficient alternate routes if they are available.
  • Combined with TomTom IQ Routes, the real-time traffic information via Lifetime Traffic Updates, ensures the smartest and fastest routing possible.
  • Lifetime Traffic Updates are available on XL 350T, XL 350TM, XXL 550 T, XXL 550 TM devices.

Technical specifications
Additional features on all devices include:

  • Maps: preloaded premium maps of the US/Canada/Mexico from Tele Atlas
  • MapShare on demand updates
  • IQ Routes
  • POIs: over 7 million points of interest
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • EasyMenu™

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