Today's The Day. Did the Sky Fall?

Today is the day we're all supposed to turn our clocks ahead for Daylight Saving's Time, and if you listened to some tech. analysts, today is also supposed to be riddled by widespread computer problems, locusts, wildfires, and all sorts of mayhem.

"This is nice for after-dinner strolls and might even save some energy (which was Congress' motive), but the computing industry has had to scramble. Many people only recently realized the change would even impact computers. "This has been a little bit of a sleeper issue," said Brian Mulford, chief technology officer at Regulus Group LLC, which handles payments and other transactions for large consumer companies."

Kinda had a feeling the early hysteria surrounding the new Daylight Saving's Time rules would be unfounded for the most part.  Did I call it, or what?  I must be some kind of psychic - get me Sylvia Brown's number quick!

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