Today's Hot Topics - Google Trends Review

We're  hoping to dive in to Google Trends occasionally here at HotHardware and offer you up a bit of the story behind all the top searches folks are plugging in online. We'll highlight a few of the interesting search terms and take stock of what's shakin' in the world's busiest search engine.

Surprise, surprise. Today's search trends are dominated by reality television as "Dancing With the Stars" and "American Idol" wrap up their seasons. But beyond the expected popularity of singers and dancers, Google provides other topics worth talking about today.

Nanotubes may be hazardous to your health. The teeny-tiny tubes are being dubbed "as deadly as asbestos" after mice injected with carbon nanotubes suffered lung problems. It’s probably best to steer clear from ingesting these miniscule carbon killers, although it’s hard to find a nanotube dealer near you. Knowing the curiousity of searchers, we're sure searches on "what is a nanotube" and "how big are nanotubes" lurk right below the top 100 terms on Google Trends right now.

Honda zoomed into the top trends after the auto maker announced a new low-cost hybrid set to hit stores in 2009. With gas now hovering around $4 a gallon, products that promise to lower emissions (and preserve the pocketbook) will always strike a chord.

piaggio mp3Which brings us to the Piaggio MP3 500. While the name evokes a digital music device, the Piaggio is a three-wheeled scooter that's starting to gain some traction on America's roadways. It has two wheels up front, one in the back, and retails for about $8K. The gas mileage wasn't noted on the Piaggio site, but we imagine it sucks down less fuel than a Ford F150.

You can always count on a few items worth checking out on your own time on Google Trends. Today's wild 'n' wacky searches include "elevator ghost," "steam powered," and "hunter pence girlfriend." If you locate any pics of Astros slugger Mr. Pence's lady friend, please do let us know. For research purposes, of course.