T-Mobile's Simplified Mobile Pricing Plans Go Live Early

T-Mobile has a major press event scheduled for this coming Tuesday, and if you wanted a clue at what the carrier may be revealing, take a look at this. The so-called "UNcarrier" has revealed some new pricing plans early, and they're actually fairly compelling coming from a postpaid network operator. The company, which is set to merge with MetroPCS in the coming months, has been on a rampage of late, attempting to boast about its lack of restrictions and competitive pricing compared to the likes of AT&T. Humorously, T-Mobile and AT&T were set to merge as well not too long ago, but since that didn't go through, the rivalry is obviously back in high gear.

It looks as if T-Mobile is going to take a note from prepaid carriers and simplify pricing dramatically. Basically, unlimited text and talk will soon be a given, while data packages will be the thing that moves the pricing needle. The plans will start at $50/month, which includes 500MB of data, and it'll climb in 2GB chunks. For instance, 6.5GB + unlimited text and talk will run you $80 per month with a single smartphone. Beyond that 6.5GB, you'll still get data, but it'll be throttled heavily (to "2G speeds), which makes it near-useless.

We still think prepaid carriers may offer a better deal, but given that most of those run on Sprint's network, we can't say that it'll be the best fit for everyone. We're guessing things will get extra official on the 26th.