T-Mobile's Next Move Could See It Covering Your Early Termination Fee As Incentive to Switch

This is one of those stories that seems a little too good to be true, but given the fact that T-Mobile has tried hard to disrupt the business of other US mobile carriers, there is some hope. Over the past year, T-Mobile has rolled-out some interesting features, such as free international data roaming and the ability to upgrade your smartphone earlier, and while those are nice, the next program would take the cake.

According to the source, T-Mobile is planning to unveil a program at next month's CES that would allow consumers to switch over to T-Mobile even if they're currently locked into a contract with another. How it would get around this is borderline mind-blowing: It'd cover your early termination fee (up to a value of $350 USD).

It goes without saying that a perk like that is major, and it'd give those who want to switch over, the ability to do so, even if they can't afford (or don't want to pay) the ridiculous termination fees we've all come to loathe.

If this program turns out to be true, it further proves that T-Mobile CEO John Legere will stop at nothing to rub his competitors the wrong way. He runs a company that's nimble enough to pull something like this off - we couldn't imagine Sprint or AT&T going down the same road.

If T-Mobile is going to handle your early termination fee, there's no doubt that a contract would spawn from it. Exactly what that contract would entail, we're not sure, but we're hoping to learn all of those important details at CES in a couple of weeks.