T-Mobile Tweaks Family Plan With More Line Options, Doubles Data When Adding A Tablet

With wireless carriers now engaged in a price war of sorts -- it's more a data war, really -- it's getting a bit difficult to keep track of things. For example, just a couple of weeks ago T-Mobile was advertising is Framily plan. And now? After offering to quadruple data for Simple Starter customers for $5 per month yesterday, T-Mobile today announced two more plan changes.

The first is an expansion of its Family Plan. Starting August 27, T-Mobile is expanding the number of lines you can add for $10 a pop (starting with lines after the second subscriber). The previous limit was five per account, and effective tomorrow, that number will double to 10 lines per account.

T-Mobile Train

"I’ve always maintained that shared data plans are a source of customer pain. And, it’s becoming clear now that they are," said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. "The old carriers’ shared data plans are just another ploy to push customers over their data limits and suck money out of their pockets with overage charges they can’t see coming."

Every T-Mobile Simple Choice subscriber gets unlimited data, talk, and text, along with a dedicated bucket of LTE data starting at up to 1GB with no service contract or domestic overages. Any of those lines can get unlimited 4G LTE data $30 per line per month.

The second tweak is that T-Mobile is doubling the amount of data when you add a tablet to your plan. Beginning September 3, adding any tablet to a postpaid Simple Choice plan will cost $10 per month, and on top of that, T-Mobile will match your smartphone's LTE data plan -- up to 5GB per month -- reserved for use on your tablet. That means if you subscribe to a Simple Choice smartphone plan with 5GB of LTE data, you can add a tablet and get another 5GB of LTE data reserved for use on your tablet for $10 per month.