T-Mobile Plans To Limit Domestic Roaming

Starting April 5, T-Mobile customers will have domestic data roaming limits on their cell phone plans according to a document acquired by TmoNews. As of right now, there are no limits on domestic data roaming.

According to this leaked document, T-Mobile plans to stager data limits depending on which plan you're on. For example, users with the 2GB plan will be limited to 50MB of data while roaming. The 5GB plan will get 100MB and the 10GB plan will get 200MB of roaming. If a customer nears the allotment, T-Mobile plans to send a text message to alert the user. If a user goes over the limit, T-Mobile will cut off roaming data services until the user is back in network range. The allotment will be reset with each billing cycle.

The new roaming limits won't apply to everyone. Certain plans will be exempt from this new rule. Some of these plans that are exempt include business and government accounts, T-Mobile employee accounts, mobile broadband rate plans, voice domestic roaming, and text and picture messaging while roaming.

T-Mobile isn't the only carrier to restrict domestic data roaming; Sprint also limits domestic data roaming. Reportedly, the official word from T-Mobile on these limits will go out to T-Mobile customers in the beginning of February.