T-Mobile Offers $350 Credit Towards HTC HD2 If You Give Up Your iPhone

How's this for a little friendly competition? Apple's iPhone has stood strong against the smartphone rivals over the past few years, but HTC and other Android-utilizing brands have begun to seriously catch up. And really, there's nothing like a little incentive to get an iPhone user to ditch what they're used to and come to another carrier for another brand (and another operating system, for that matter).

According to internal communications dug up, T-Mobile will be allowing users to actually trade in their existing iPhone as a trade-up to the company's HTC HD2, an exclusive here in the U.S. The real news is the discount. iPhone users who give up their smartphone (and hand it over to T-Mobile) will get a "up to a $350 credit when purchasing an HD2," which is largely viewed as the most beautiful touch-screen-based phone available in the States today.

There are, of course, lots of stipulations to go along with the offer (which ends on May 19th), and you'll be getting a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that can't be upgraded to Windows Phone 7, but it's still an interesting offer. What if other carriers start making similar offers? Can you imagine what would happen if Verizon offered a free DROID to any iPhone user who would switch? Or maybe if Sprint offered a free Nexus One for the same thing? We wonder if AT&T would play ball as well, potentially offering free iPhones for those who turned in their smartphone from someone else. At any rate, these little games are nothing but great for consumers, and we're totally glad to see operators fighting for business.