T-Mobile Now Selling HTC's Touch Pro2 For $349.99 On Contract

HTC's Touch Pro2 is being widely hailed as the very best Windows Mobile-based smartphone ever. Which makes sense considering that HTC's legendary hardware is behind the magic, not to mention the fact that the WinMo operating system has been turned on its side and laced with nice customizations from HTC's software team. This week, the QWERTY-equipped phone went on sale at T-Mobile USA, which is currently the only carrier in the nation to offer it.

We've reason to believe that the phone will eventually come to each of the Big 4 operators (AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Sprint and Verizon Wireless), but those needing this sweet piece of machinery right now only have one option. And clearly, that one option isn't good for your wallet. T-Mobile is taking full advantage of its short exclusivity period by charging a small fortune for this heralded handset. While Apple's lauded iPhone 3G is selling for $99 on a two-year contract at AT&T and most every other phone out there--including the myTouch 3G--is priced at $199, HTC's Touch Pro2 is listed for $349.99 on contact.

Let's say that again: $349.99, and you still have to commit to T-Mobile for two full years. Wild! Those who purchase the phone will receive a $200 instant rebate for signing on as a new customer, though you can purchase it outright for $549.99. Our recommendation? Hold off for awhile. There's no way T-Mobile can continue to charge this much for long; we have all ideas the asking price will sink once the novelty wears off and the early adopters have had their chance to overpay. Call it a hunch.