T-Mobile Introduces Open Europe Plan For Business Travelers

T-Mobile is targeting business travelers with a new plan that promises unlimited international data roaming for a set fee. The new T-Mobile Open Europe plan provides unlimited data (though only the first 500MB will be at full-speed) within 28 European countries for a set rate of $50 per line per month. Users of the plan will not incur international roaming tolls. The T-Mobile Open Europe plan will be available next month. T-Mobile also offers Wi-Fi Calling solutions, a pay-per-use plan called T-Mobile Global for Business, and T-Mobile Global Corporate Access for international travelers.

T-Mobile To Roll Out 'Open Europe' Plan for Business Customers

New Unlimited Data Feature Offers Predictable Billing with Flat-rate Monthly Fee

Bellevue, Wash. — Jul. 16, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today introduced its new flat-rate T-Mobile® Open Europe unlimited data feature for business customers. Designed to address the increasing demand for data, the costs associated with international data roaming, and businesses’ desire for more predictable costs, the $50/line per month T-Mobile Open Europe plan provides business customers with unlimited data, including up to 500 MB full-speed data, within 28 European countries1 with no international roaming tolls. The new T-Mobile Open Europe plan complements the company’s existing portfolio of international offers and solutions for business customers including: Wi-Fi Calling for Business™, T-Mobile Global for Business™ and T-Mobile Global Corporate Access.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, American business travelers are expected to take 437.9 million trips costing approximately $265.5 billion by the end of this year. International outbound travel will continue to drastically outpace domestic travel. GBTA expects U.S.-initiated international business trips is expected to hit 6.8 million trips in 20122. With this kind of expected business travel and with data usage on the rise, CIOs and decision makers are looking to address the challenges of international mobility. At the top of this list is reducing or controlling the high costs associated with international data roaming.

“Of the millions of international trips U.S. business travelers make each year, a significant portion are made to European countries,” said Frank Sickinger, vice president, business sales at T-Mobile USA. “For these customers, our new T-Mobile Open Europe data feature dramatically reduces costly international data roaming tolls, controls the risk of data roaming ‘bill shock’, and provides data connectivity required to conduct business from London to Moscow – all for a predictable $50 monthly fee.”

The new T-Mobile Open Europe plan, available next month, advances T-Mobile’s effort to support CIOs and IT decision makers as they navigate the challenges of international mobility by offering a range of solutions.

  • With T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling solutions, for example, business customers can avoid international roaming fees when accessing global hotspots and enhance coverage and data access in areas where a cellular network signal is limited or unavailable.
  • For additional savings on international voice and data roaming in more than 200 countries across the globe, T-Mobile offers its pay-per-use T-Mobile Global for Business plan for a low monthly access fee of $9.99 per month per line.
  • Making it easier for CIOs and IT decision makers to manage mobile connections and containing international roaming costs, the T-Mobile Global Corporate Access solution offers easy, secure online access to corporate tools and resources from more than 700,000 domestic and international hotspots across the globe regardless of device manufacturer, platform or network. With a single login for up to five devices per subscriber, T-Mobile Global Corporate Access also provides predictable, unified billing and web-based management, integration with a corporate VPN, and real-time reporting.


The new T-Mobile Open Europe data plan is expected to be available to business customers in August. More information about T-Mobile’s offerings for business is available at http://business.t-mobile.com/.

Image Credit: C. Regina