T-Mobile Getting Rid Of myFaves

After introducing new unlimited plans last month, T-Mobile plans to quietly phase out the use of its myFaves calling feature. Similar to other calling circles from other networks, myFaves allows unlimited calling to any five numbers regardless of what network the users are on. T-Mobile doesn’t plan to drop support for customers who already use the feature.

In a statement provided to FierceWireless, T-Mobile said: "Our new Even More plans, which feature options for unlimited calling, text and data service, have taken the place of our myFaves unlimited calling feature…. We continue to offer the myFaves home screen, at no additional charge, across our broad portfolio of phones as a way for customers to easily connect with their Fave Five through voice, text and email. And customers currently subscribing to the myFaves unlimited calling feature canchoose to continue to benefit from that plan."

T-Mobile introduced myFaves in 2006 in response to Alltel's My Circle calling plans. Verizon Wireless and AT&T have introduced similar calling circles with unlimited calling to a specified number of people. Sprint recently introduced a new Any Mobile, Anytime offering which provides unlimited calling to any mobile number regardless of network.

As you may recall, the Even More Plus plans are no-contract plans that offer offer free nights, weekends, and T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling as well as options to get unlimited voice, text, and browsing. The Even More plans require a two-year agreement but offer a phone subsidy. Even More unlimited talk plans start at $59.99.