TJ05 Tower Case, Radeon X700XT and Much More

Good evening all :)  With bedtime closing in fast and my inbox filling up, I think it's time to round the day off with one final news post.  Go grab a warm beverage, toss on some music and settle in; here is your nightcap...

 SilverStone Temjin TJ05 ATX Tower Case @ Hardcoreware

"Today we're reviewing SilverStone's current flagship ATX tower case - the TJ05. It doesn't have much in the way of exclusive design or fancy features, but based on SilverStone's track record, it should be one of the most solid ATX cases around."

 Radeon X700 XT and PRO Review @ Beyond3D

"The reduction in die size, in order to get a chip of such a configuration down to the mainstream price points, is also probably the primary reason that a 256-bit memory bus is not utilised. Whilst transistor sizes scale down with new processes, the pads (chip to packaging interconnects) do not similarly scale down, hence 256-bit buses actually require a large die size in order to facilitate all the connections and the die size of RV410 may not be large enough to facilitate such a bus."

 Akasa Amber Fans @ Phoronix

"Remember the days of amber black and white monitors? Well amber's back! No, not in monitors, but the color has made its way into Akasa's new line of ultra quiet fans. Check out the review, as we take a look at the 80 and 120mm Amber fans."

 IBASE MB860 review @

"This is the first Mini-ITX motherboard to make use of Transmeta's fanless efficeon TM8600 processor which is running at 1GHz while consuming very little power (around 2w during DVD playback). The board also features an ATI M7 graphics unit, onboard sound, onboard 10/100MBit LAN, four COM ports and four USB2.0 ports."

 Thermaltake SilverRiver Portable 3.5" HDD Enclosure @

"Cooling the drive is a quiet, low-profile 80mm fan turning at 1500rpm, promising excellent cooling for today's fast but hot 7200rpm IDE drives. Heated air is exhausted through two grills front & rear. Even located within arm's reach, the fan is almost inaudible, though disk noise can be heard during access. However, the volume is no greater than that emanating from a sealed computer case. While not a silent device, most users will appreciate the SilverRiver's low noise qualities."

 CoolMax 3.5 Xtreme Files F1-B 80GB Backup Drive @ Extreme Overclocking

"It is only a matter of time when a hard drive will fail, it could happen tomorrow, or in a couple months, or even a couple years. Any way you look at it, because of all the moving parts and constant usage, it is inevitable for a hard drive to eventually crash. The important question one has to ask is, "Is my important data backed up?". For most people, the answer is probably "no", which is not good. Most people do not get into the habit of backing up their data regularly until they loose something important."

 Crucial Ballistix PC3200 DDR memory @ Tweak3D

"Be it your neighbor, friend, or just someone talking about their computer to others one of the most common questions over the years has been "How much RAM does your machine contain? Of course advanced users would add to this by being interested not solely in size but also type as a method to determine which is faster, yours or mine."

 JetArt XCool NP5000 Notebook Cooler @

"Having a laptop on the cooler in the raised position does actually improve the comfort level when typing. My main PC for over a year now has been a Sony VAIO PCG-FR700 notebook. I've had the NP5000 Notebook Cooler on my desk for a couple of months now and have become quite used to the slight forward tilt and raised height of the keyboard. From right to left across the back of the unit we have four USB ports, the USB connector port which goes to your laptop, the power jack for the cooler, a fan-speed dial and, outside the silver area, an on/off switch for the cooler."

Time to catch some Z's.  I will see you back here in a few hours, be good :) - Cheers