Tizen Still Alive and Kicking, Backed By Samsung and Intel

Remember Tizen? It’s the open source mobile operating system that Samsung and Intel partnered on back in 2011 (and may be actually running on handsets this year); formerly, it was MeeGo (which was famously scrapped the same day it debuted on Nokia’s N9 handset), and before that it was called Moblin.

Many have either forgotten all about Tizen or assumed it had evaporated into the ether, but according to Network World, the OS is very much alive and well--although it has a long way to go in a tough market.

Firefox OS phones
Competition: Firefox Os

What Tizen really has going for it is that its primary backers are Samsung and Intel. Samsung likely views Tizen as a nice option for lower-end phones, in addition to a possible alternative to Android if things with Google ever take a turn for the worse. Further, both Intel and Samsung could use a lightweight operating system for use in embedded systems, such TVs, vehicles, and other products, and Tizen could certainly fit the bill there.

Ubuntu for Mobile
More competition: Ubuntu for mobile

However, in addition to facing off against the juggernauts of Android and iOS (and to a lesser extent, Windows Phone and BlackBerry), Tizen has to contend with the likes of Ubuntu and Mozilla’s Firefox OS, both of which are jockeying for position in a very, very crowded mobile market.