Tizen OS Gaining Momentum, Adds 15 Partners Including Sprint

Tizen, the mobile operating system that refused to die, has been resuscitated and is now actually gaining a bit of momentum by adding 15 companies to its partner program, including major domestic and international entities, including Sprint, China’s Baidu and ZTE, and Japan’s SoftBank Mobile. These companies join the 36 existing Tizen partners.

“We are gaining support from all segments of the connected device ecosystem, as more organizations realize the opportunity in providing smart phones and connected devices globally from the high-end to the low-end of the market,” said NTT DOCOMO’s Ryoichi Sugimura, a Tizen Association Board Member. “The convergence of knowledge will make Tizen a catalyst for providing more innovation not just in smart phones – every vendor and operator will have the ability to provide a huge variety of customizable services to their customer.”

Tizen people

Word emerged that the Moblin-then-MeeGo-then-Tizen mobile OS was still actively being developed by Samsung and Intel after the two companies started collaborating on it back in 2011, and a Samsung handset running Tizen is expected to be announced at MWC.

Android and iOS dominate the mobile market, but more options are better for consumers, and judging from language we’re seeing from Tizen Association members, Tizen isn’t destined merely for smartphones and tablets, but any number of smart connected devices.

Perhaps the space where Tizen will find market share is in the Internet of Things.