TiVo's Mobile App To Power Second Screen Offerings For Cable Companies

The television industry could use a swift kick in the rear, or at least a revolution in terms of the UI used to access pay-TV content. But until then, it looks as if the second screen is the only place where innovation is ongoing. TiVo's latest efforts on this front is in the app world, where its mobile companion software is being used to power cable operators' second screen experiences.

Thomas Elam, Vice President and General Manager Service Provider Business, TiVo, said, "TiVo's operator solutions help the provider's subscribers realize the full value of their subscription and enhance content related transactions. We are excited to provide the full power of our mobile applications 'powered by TiVo' to our operator partners. This key part of our strategy to provide great media experiences on all screens will be a co-branded experience to promote customer retention -- especially for users who may not yet have a TiVo set-top box (STB) -- and provides our partners a competitive advantage in the TV Everywhere game."

Atlantic Broadband, who recently signed with TiVo, will be the first U.S. cable operator to put forward this tailored mobile experience for subscribers. When Atlantic Broadband launches their TiVo solution in the fall, it will include the TiVo mobile applications in addition to TiVo's complete STB solution (multi-room DVR and HD-STB). The operator mobile apps 'powered by TiVo' provide cable subscribers an easy-to-use interface to find great stuff to watch, see what's coming up next through the TiVo Live Guide or browse/search TV and movies. And these features work for all operator users -- not just those with a TiVo STB. These customers can also explore and learn even more about their favorite TV shows, movies, actors and directors. For subscribers with TiVo devices, they will also have the ability to remotely schedule recordings, Wish List and Season Pass recordings, manage the DVR's To Do and Season Pass lists, and control their device with the mobile app's remote control functionality. Finally, when paired with a TiVo Stream and an iOS device, users can stream content within the home network and side-load recordings to take on the road.

TiVo's hardware is one thing, but perhaps the company's real future is in the software arena. Wouldn't that be a turning of tables?
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