TiVo VP Says Company Not Abandoning Hardware

Just yesterday, a report emerged that TiVo was laying off much of its hardware design team, leaving only a skeleton crew to support existing devices, and getting out of the hardware business altogether to focus on the cloud.

According to comments made by TiVo VP of corporate communications Steve Wymer to The Verge, the notion that TiVo is abandoning hardware is false. “It's not right to say that TiVo's out of the hardware business. We're just as fired up as consumers are about the Roamio and we expect to deliver on that for years to come. It's one of our core businesses and our shining jewel."

TiVo networked DVR

He did, however, confirm the layoffs, and those would indicate that something is changing dramatically for the company in terms of hardware. If TiVo is forging ahead with its “shining jewel”, why would it fire those people?

Wymer further stated that "We shift our resources and our personnel based on our priorities” while talking about the company’s networked DVR that it will distribute through cable companies, but if simply shifting around people was the case then there would have been no layoffs.

It’s not surprising that TiVo would adjust its roster of employees as it pursues new innovations in the DVR market, but it is an eyebrow raiser that the company would get rid of so many hardware people and then say they’re still deeply invested in making hardware.
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