Tivo Series 3 is Official

Tivo has officially announced the much anticipated and talked about Series 3 DVR today.  This series brings to the table a slew of new features such as high definition recording, THX certification, and CableCard slots.  Armed with a 250GB hard drive and dual tuners the DVR will be able to record up to 32 hours of HD video and up to 300 hours of standard programming.  These enhancements to in the Series 3 mark the first major changes to their product line since the Series 2 launched back in 2002.

High-definition television, which offers super-sharp images, is growing in popularity, and other rival DVRs by cable operators and satellite TV providers that have dual tuners and high-definition support are on the market already, some dating as far back as two years ago. TiVo, which pioneered digital video recording technology, first announced in 2005 they were working on an HD model with dual tuners and showed off a working prototype last January.

The MSRP of the new Series 3 is expected to be a wallet busting $800 and should be available by mid September.  Read more here.