TiVo Mini DVR Extenders Updated with Netflix Streaming, Amazon Instant Next

TiVo Mini owners were apparently thrown a bone this weekend, as several of them discovered that they can now (finally) stream Netflix on their devices, a new addition that's been absent for far too long. All is not entirely copacetic, however, as users are complaining of system reboots, an anomaly that may be related to resolution.

"I think it has something to do with 1080p," a TiVo Community forum user posted. "I tried a 720p title and played it for a few minutes with no issues. But as soon as I tried a title with a 1080p stream, when it goes to the 1080p bitrate, the Mini reboots."

TiVo Mini Netflix
Image Source: TiVo Community user "sbiller"

Several others reported seeing the same thing. On the bright side, Netflix is said to launch quickly on the Mini, much faster than it does on the Elites.

In addition to Netflix, an icon for Amazon Instant Video is poking its head onto TiVo Mini devices, though it doesn't appear to be working yet for non-beta users. Instead, it spits out a V301 error. The fact that it's there, however, suggests that support is on its way.