TiVo Set-Top Boxes To Support Live And Recorded Shows On Multiple TVs Via Apps

TiVo fans will be getting a new app later in 2019 that will expand the capabilities of its ecosystem. At CES 2019 TiVo showed off new apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku devices that will allow users with TiVo boxes to view live and recorded content on multiple TVs in their home. The cool part about that feature is that it uses the customer's existing hardware and doesn't require them to purchase additional TiVo set-top boxes, like the recently announced Bolt, or the currently available TiVo Mini.

TiVo Bolt OTA

TiVo has stated that it expects to launch the apps during Q2 and Q3 of 2019. The first app to launch will be for Fire TV users, the Roku app will come next, with the Apple TV app being last. The way TiVo currently makes it possible for users to view live and recorded content on multiple TVs is via the TiVo Mini VOX that sells for $179.99. Rolling out apps for competing set-top boxes, which are available for a much lower price, is surprising but will make TiVo fans happy.

The apps will give users the ability to access live and recorded content around the home with no additional cost. TiVo was specific in that it has no intentions of charging for the app or adding additional monthly costs for use. There is a caveat to using these apps; however, namely some features are lost via apps like SkipMode and 5.1 audio. For bedrooms and secondary TVs those caveats won't be deal breakers for most people. This is a very good way for TiVo to make its set-top boxes more appealing to cord cutters looking for a way to get programming all around their homes. The video above is a look at the app in action from CES 2019.

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