Titanfall: Expedition DLC Announced For May With Three New Maps

If you’ve been digging Titanfall but have exhausted all the maps, here’s some good news for you: The game is getting three new maps with the "Expedition" DLC next month.

According to CinemaBlend, Expedition is one of three DLC packs coming soon, and each will cost $10 each, or you can get them for “free” if you have the $24.99 Season Pass. Upcoming Game Mode updates will be true freebies, though.

Titanfall Expedition DLC

The three DLC maps will include the marshy “Swampland” alien ruins; “Runoff”, which will have a similar feel; and a sort of training simulator for pilots called “War Games”.

The eagerly-anticipated title, which officially landed last month, is an online-only multiplayer game that was originally released just for the Xbox One and Windows PCs, although now it’s available for the Xbox 360, as well.
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