Top Tips On How To Score A PS5, Xbox Series X, GeForce RTX 30 Or Ryzen 5000 ASAP

hard to find stuff
Have you been looking to snag some PC parts or a new console this year but have found that they are all out of stock? You are not alone in this endeavor, and we are here to help. Today we have some tips and tricks to get you the latest hardware that has been tough to come by in the last few weeks.


Reddit is a great place to look for sales, new information, and where to buy items. The buildapcsales subreddit has plenty of people who have their fingers on the pulse (or maybe they are just bots). In any case, you can regularly check this subreddit to see if new AMD CPUs or NVIDIA GPUs are in stock. Moreover, you can also find some occasional killer deals here, so it is worth checking out anyhow.


If you want something more automatic (and thus less work), look no further than StreetMerchant. This little app scrapes webpages for information, looking to see if anything is in stock. If it finds anything, it can send a sound alert on your computer and automatically open your browser to the webpage. This makes scooping up a new RTX 3090 or a PlayStation 5 a breeze.


If you do not want to mess with Reddit or some scripts on your computer, we like This nifty website allows users to set alerts and alarms for nearly any product. In this case, it links to NVIDIA RTX 3090 stock, but you could plug in just about whatever, like a new Xbox Series X. With this site, you can also change what country you get stock notifications from, so your information is localized.


IFTTT is a handy website with many uses, but for shopping, you can create custom triggers to send a text, email, or blink a light in your home if you so choose. IFTTT allows users to pull in Twitter, Reddit, or even RSS feeds and set an alert to trigger if it detects something in those feeds.
If you are a creative nerd, you could tie this app into the /r/buildapcsales subreddit and set alerts automagically.

Getting the newest consoles or PC parts can be difficult, and when things get bought out instantly, “desperate times call for desperate measures,” as they say. If any of these tips work for you or you know of any other useful tools, let us know in the comments below. We are all in this preorder hell together after-all.