Ting Scores Samsung Galaxy SIII, Launching LTE Service, Debuting Product Roadmap

Well bully for Ting; the MVNO announced its latest product roadmap, and there are lots of goodies coming down the pike. First off, Ting has scored the Samsung Galaxy SIII (pictured below), which it will launch in tandem with its LTE service.

Ting uses Sprint’s LTE network, so users will get smoking fast mobile broadband wherever Sprint customers enjoy it, and they can do so on a nicely appointed smartphone. The SIII has a delightfully large 4.8-inch display (1280x720), runs Android 4.0 ICS, and sports a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, 8MP HD camera, 16GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM under the hood. The phone can also function as a mobile hotspot for up to ten devices and enjoys Samsung’s spate of mobile tech including Beam and AllShare Cast.

In a blog post, Ting said that it will offer the SIII in Pebble Blue and Marble White in both 16GB and 32GB versions at $539 and $579, respectively, although the pre-order page has the 16GB option listed at $529. Ting expects the phones to ship and their LTE service to launch in 3-6 weeks.

But wait, there’s more! Ting also announced a pair of new phones on the roster. The LG Optimus Elite (in white) is now available, and both black and white version of the device are back in stock at under $200. The Samsung Transform Ultra is now in stock and costs $205; if you had the phone backordered, it will ship on August 6th.

Other new products launching soon for Ting customers include an “an LTE hotspot, a mid-range LTE smartphone, an inexpensive slider, an accessible phone for the visually impaired”, and a BYOD plan is also in the works.

Finally, if you’ve been holding your breath waiting for the iPhone to come to Ting, you should probably exhale and go about your life; the company says it’s been working on it, but there’s no news about it yet. However, a Windows Phone device should be coming to the network as soon as Q1 2013.